More than a Dress: DOs and DON’Ts of Selecting a Wedding Gown

March 17th, 2016 | Weddings

Perhaps one of the most important personal decision a bride-to-be will make is selecting her bridal gown

…although the importance of selecting your husband should not be underestimated. And while we are on a list of priorities, the selection of the perfect Event Planner will ensure that your wedding is just as you dreamed it.


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Back to the gowns!  The following are, of course, merely suggestions to help you in your quest to find your perfect dress – your decision is personal, which brings us to the first in our list:


DO take it personally: We often make the mistake of judging the beauty of a garment by the way someone else wears it, and we soon find that what is beautiful on someone else can be quite different from what is beautiful on us.  The wedding gown is an extension of yourself, not just the way it supports your body, but the way it supports your personality and character.  When trying each dress on, ask yourself “Is this who I am?” and not just “How does this look?”


DON’T hold on to past preferences: People change over time, and although you were certain of your choice for bridal dress when you were 11 years old, you may have to face the fact that they simply don’t make My Little Pony gowns anymore.  You might have a mental image of what you are looking for, but keep an open mind to a wider selection.


DO remember to take photos: The selection process can be long, and confusions over which dress was which and from where can easily be avoided by taking a quick photo of each when you try them on.


DON’T be in a hurry: One of the great benefits of having a wedding planner working behind the scenes for you is so that you can spend time on personal and important decisions such as your gown.  Sometimes a dress will just speak to you, like love at first sight, but that is usually not the case – most often it takes long hours, a great deal of research, and tons of patience to determine the perfect dress for you.  Much like a marriage, good things are the result of work, not magic.


DO get moving: No, I’m not contradicting the previous tip, I mean literally move around when trying a dress on.  You are not a static figurine and you will actually be moving a great deal on your wedding day, so make sure that the dress has some flexibility to it – no matter how gorgeous the dress, it won’t matter if you are walking like a stick-figure down the aisle.


DON’T sweat the small stuff: Sometimes finding the perfect gown can seem chaotic, but don’t let it get to you.  There is a flurry of opinions mixed with a flurry of fabric, but always remind yourself that the celebration of your wedding doesn’t begin on your actual wedding day – it starts right now.  Enjoy the experience, celebrate the journey, and have as much fun as you can when shopping for your dress.  Begin your wonderful memories now.


DO utilize the expertise of your wedding planner: A professional wedding planner knows this business inside and out, so it should be no surprise that they can help with virtually any issue you face, including finding a dress.  With years of experience and relationships built throughout the event planning field, they might have valuable tips and suggestions on where to go and whom to ask for.


Wedding planning is certainly an exercise in endurance and patience, but a trusted wedding planner will take a tremendous amount of pressure off of you. The experts at WE Plan It are happy to discuss any aspect about your big day with you.

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