Bringing in the New Year: 4 Reasons to Celebrate

December 18th, 2015 | Special Events, Uncategorized

Life is a celebration.

Certainly, there are ups and downs, joy and sadness, but at the end of the day, it is our celebration of life and love that fulfills the human spirit.  As professional event planners, we are lucky enough to witness some of the greatest moments in people’s lives, and we take pieces of those moments home with us as well.

Indeed, there are not enough celebrations in our opinion.  Perhaps it is the daunting task of organizing an event or the view that there must be a reason to celebrate.  The fact is that there is always a reason to celebrate, to come together as family or friends, as coworkers or a couple.

Here are 4 reasons to make 2016 the year that you create more opportunities to celebrate this life and leave the stress of event planning to the experts.

Stressing: Out

Yes, the results are in and stressing is officially out for the New Year.  One’s life is filled with responsibilities and obligations, therefore a line should be drawn between work and pleasure.  Attending a play does not involve you giving stage directions nor does dinner at a restaurant require that you do the dishes.  It is important to hold your time sacred – you should absorb every memory of a celebratory event and leave the behind-the-scenes operation to the professionals.

Those who have planned events know how it can often seem like a logistical nightmare, particularly if one has a lack of experience.  These plans can include:

  • Booking a venue
  • Catering
  • Decorating
  • Staffing
  • Permits, insurance, contracts, and licenses
  • Entertainment and activities
  • Guest registration
  • Presenters and speakers
  • Managing volunteers
  • Photography and videography
  • Special needs and requests, and much more

It is no wonder that when self-planning an event, the people who endure the most stress are the ones who deserve it the least and should be enjoying themselves.

You Own It

Hiring an event planner does not mean you are excluded from participating, however, particularly in decision-making.  An experienced event planner knows that the client has the inherent right to be involved as much or as little as that client wishes.  Some event planning is personal and enjoyable: deciding on musical choices and theme would likely be important to you, while the hiring of trustworthy staff might be something left to a professional planner.

Choosing which areas to be involved in is up to you, while trusted professionals deal with the following and more:

  • Problem subcontractors
  • Unacceptable delays in goods or services
  • Contract disputes with purveyors
  • Communication issues
  • Last-minute obstacles

We are as happy to have your involvement as we are to allow you to sit back and watch the event come together before your eyes.

Creating Memories

Some events are traditional necessities, from a bris to a wake and many in between, but sometimes the best celebrations and events of life are ones that are “just because.”  Whether you plan to bring family together for a reunion or want to surprise a significant other with a romantic, catered dinner for two, creating memories is always within your power.  The best way to wildly exceed people’s expectations is when there are no expectations at all.

Weddings, Christmas parties, New Years’ Eve events and the rest are wonderful times to celebrate, but 2016 can be the time when you make your own schedule of celebrating life.

The Moment

5,000 year-old wisdom suggests that the true key to joy in life is to live in the moment, and when hosting an event, all of these moments are yours.  Memories can be wonderful, but the truth is that the past and the future are mostly irrelevant: bringing happiness to people and yourself within the moment is the greatest experience that you can have in life.  It is a wonder why we don’t create more of these opportunities to experience these moments.


You can create more of these opportunities, of course. Whatever you can imagine, WE Plan It can deliver.  Instead of a resolution to lose 10 pounds or cut down your coffee intake, think broader: a resolution to enjoy life more and create opportunities for event celebrations.


Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year from Your Friends at WE Plan It.

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