WE Team

Let WE Plan It bring your vision into reality.

WE Plan It is fortunate enough to have assembled a truly unique and talented team of event planners. Each member of the WE Plan It team is dedicated to crafting the most meaningful events for our clients. We pride ourselves on taking the ordinary and creating extraordinary.

  • Wendy Sturm, Special Event & Wedding Designer

    Wendy Sturm leads her business through principles of character, integrity, and spirituality combined with an unparalleled attention to fine detail. Helping create memories that will last a life-time is Wendy’s core mission for her business, WE Plan It. She is blazing a path less traveled, while leaving a legacy of success.

    Wendy is extremely passionate and caring about the events she designs. She puts her heart into every event she creates, which is a quality that makes her very unique. Positively impacting the lives of those around her and giving to others are keys to her success. With 17 years of experience in the world of corporate event planning, Wendy is thrilled to be doing what she loves everyday–using her style and sophistication to create extraordinary events.

    In addition to her business Wendy enjoys traveling with her family and attending her daughter’s extracurricular activities. She has two dogs at home and is an avid collector of antiques.

  • Renee Morgan, Public Relations Manager

    Renee’s love for people, unwavering compassion and over 13 years of experience working with local businesses makes her an extremely valuable asset to the WE Plan It team.

    Renee has always loved to entertain and host events. She believes that bringing people together is what life is all about. Renee believes that everyone wants to be included, have fun, and enjoy life, and she takes pride and joy in the fact that she is a part of a team that does just that.

    When Renee isn’t brightening up the office with her smile and bubbly personality you can find her spending time with her husband and two children (most likely on a basketball court).

  • Galina Lopatin, Event Producer

    Galina uses her “perfectionist” quality to meticulously enhance each event she produces. Once she gets an idea in her head she follows through with it to the end. Having always dreamt of working in the creative industry, Galina finds herself absolutely blessed to work alongside the very talented WE Plan It team.

    Her favorite part of event planning is the creative and strategic thinking that is involved in the event planning process. Galina loves to watch the reaction of WE Plan It clients when they see their dream event become a reality. For her, there is no other feeling in the world like it.

    Galina is a very proud wife and mother who dedicates all of her free time to her family.